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The food we make is not only healthy, but also delicious and appetizing. Please view our sample dishes below. EZ Bites LLC. is a company that intends to reach out and builds a stronger community through sharing our nutritional solutions as well as educating families, children, adults, friends, and caregivers. Together, we hope to raise awareness in the community, hence eradicating the prevalent apraxia disorders that affect individuals, fight for future diseases, and foster healthier choices. ​​

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Anyone who is serious about the health of their loved one should seriously consider EZ Bites LLC  making the switch to Ez Bite my loved one now receives much more nutritionally balanced meals.

~Dianne Smith

If you're looking for a food product that allows patients and loved ones to be able to feed themselves and receive a balanced meal, then Ez Bite is for you.

~Joseph Foreman

What you put into your mouth is more important to your health and well being than most people realize. That's why not only do I serve Ez Bite to my mother who suffers from Alzheimers, but to my whole family who love the nutritionally balanced bite sized meals.

~Alissa Cohen