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We've prepared a PowerPoint presentation to show you more about our history and how we found our passion for caring for those we love.

Our Story

The story began with Bertha Famble, mother of our Founder, Gwendolyn Fox. Bertha Famble was diagnosed with Dementia in 2005. Mrs. Fox began to notice her mother having difficulties with using eating utensils. As time passed, Mrs. Famble’s condition progressively declined, and she began experiencing difficulty feeding herself independently. Watching her mother’s regression motivated Mrs. Fox to find a solution.

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The solution was to create a food alternative that would allow her mother, along with others that show a decline in cognitive function (suffering from Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease) and fighting eating disorders, along with cancer and other apraxia conditions, to feed themselves without the use of eating utensils. Mrs. Fox then oriented her goal towards providing nutritious meals for those who struggle with intake of their meals.  Through this experience, Mrs. Fox was able to see her loved one enjoying meals independently. 

Our founder hopes to share her experience with those who have loved ones in the same situation. EZ Bites wants to raise awareness for and help prevent malnutrition.  We aim to give families and friends a chance to regain their dignity as well as embrace the bite-sized meals that will promote healthier eating habits.